Compact Carriers

BityBean is the amazingly compact carrier that folds up smaller than a child’s drink bottle - it weighs just 220 grams!

Keep it in the glovebox or your handbag for those times you end up carrying your child when you hadn’t expected to!

Bitybean is also the perfect carrier for travelling. It is so compact you can keep it in your hand luggage for wearing in the airport, keeping your hands free for shopping or carrying bags.

BityBean is also an ideal carrier for keeping on hand when your toddler usually walks....but runs out of steam and you end up carrying a heavy toddler in your arms. You might be past the stage of always carrying your child when you are out but want to be prepared for those carries in the supermarket, towards the end of a walk or doing the school pick up!

BityBean is comfortable and easy to adjust, with strong buckles on the waist and shoulder straps.

BityBean can be used on the front (inwards facing) from 3 months then on the back from when baby can sit up unassisted (about 6 months).

If you are using your BityBean with a sleeping baby or toddler, we recommend purchasing the optional sleeping hood.

Suitable for use in or near water!   BityBean is made from quick-dry fabrics, which make it light to carry and ideal for use near water. No need to buy a dedicated water carrier when you can keep your BityBean in your car or bag for splashing about in at the beach or pool. Please only wear BityBean on your front near water and always ensure your child’s face is well clear of water if you are in the pool. 

Weight range 3.6kg to 18kg. 


What age is BityBean suitable for?

Designed for use from 3 months to approx. 3 years. The recommended weight range is 3.6 to 18kg.


How does BityBean compare with other soft-structured carriers like Tula or Manduca?

It depends what you are after! Bitybean is by far the most compact, lightest weight carrier available. if you want a compact carrier for occasional use or for short carries, then BityBean is an excellent option. If you have a very tight budget, then Bity Bean is the best price. However if you are looking for a super comfortable carrier that you can comfortably wear for hours and hours every day, then we recommend something like a Tula or Manduca which has much more padding and support. It just depends what you are buying a carrier for and which features and benefits you are after.

Our recommendation would be to keep a BityBean in your handbag or car for those occasional carrying or when space is really tight.


How does BityBean compare to other light-weight travel carriers?

The Bitybean is the smallest, most compact carrier available.


Shouldn’t I buy a dedicated toddler carrier?

It really depends how often you are carrying your toddler,whether you are after an ultracompact or full-size carrier and also your budget!

While BityBean won’t offer ’kneeto knee’ support for a toddler, you and your toddler will still find BityBean much comfier than carrying them in your arms!  BityBean also offers amazing value and is perfect for keeping in your bag for quick carries.


What size adults fit the BityBean?

Bitybean has been designed to be usable used comfortable for the widest range of body frames and heights. We recommend Bitybean for a maximum size of Men’s XL, and have also fit XS women.

The waist belt extends to a maximum of 116cm  and we do have a waist extender available by special order that adds an additional 30cm.

When should Bitybean’s carrier be used?

Bitybean’s baby carrier is designed to keep your infant close or, for when your toddler needs a little boost, or a nap during a busy day on the go. Bitybean should not be used during jogging, or other rigorous exercise or sports.  Only use your BityBean during walking activies and activities where you would normally carry your child in your arms.


Does Bitybean’s carrier provide adequate neck support for baby?

The makers of BityBean worked closely with multiple parents and babywearing experts in the development of thcarrier. Babies typically have full head control by 3 months which is why a baby must be both 3 months old and weigh 8 lb before being carried in our carrier. A baby must also be able to sit unaided before being worn in the back carry, which is about 5-6 months. We developed the hood option specifically to support the head if baby fallsasleep.

Can I take my Bitybean baby carrier in the water?

Yes, Bitybean’s carrier is ideally suited to splashing about in shallow water with your baby because ofits nylon and polyester construction, and quick dry fabrics. We recommend front use only so that you can see your baby at all times to make sure they are comfortable and above water.

What are the dimensions of Bitybean’s UltraCompact Baby Carrier?

In its storage sack Bitybean’s baby carrier is about 19cm long and 7.5cm diameter, however it may end up slightly larger depending on how carefully you roll it for packing. Bitybean weighs just 220 gm.

In use, the overall dimensions of the carrier portion are 36cm wide at the seat, and 36cm high from waist belt to top.

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